Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aspects of Loughner not widely reported

Mark DeBeliso, 19, said Loughner shouted out questions six or seven times during a 90-minute class. The outbursts concerned the apocalypse and death, DeBeliso said.

"It was the kind of stuff where you'd stop and think, 'What in the world is this kid talking about?"
Chris Walker, another PCC sophomore, said Loughner came to house for dinner "all the time." Loughner liked heavy metal and classic rock music and was a "big video gamer," said Walker, 19.

"He was the nicest kid, quietest guy," said Walker.

Although Loughner's mind was fertile soil for the influences of all sorts of devilish spirits, it's just as possible that his schizophrenia magnified all of the bad influences he had absorbed over the years, along with his video-game playing, leading to his delusions and subsequent implementation of a combination of revenge fantasy and "mayhem fest," a phrase he once wrote during one of his classes (which alone should have served as a big red flag). He apparently believed that the world is a dream that he can control, and it seems that his "dream script" included his escape, perhaps explaining why he wore ear plugs. From this perspective, he wouldn't have seen any harm in what he did - it was just a dream which he sought to control, although he couldn't deny the reality of ear damage from firing a gun. So, his reality is a combination of delusions and aspects of reality which he can't deny, and he was able to deny the reality of those he shot. To him, they were figures in a video game.