Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt: Another taste of things to come

There are many facets to what has been happening in Egypt, and it seems to me that it's another phase in the contrived collapse of civilization being disguised as numerous other things. Only LaRouche, as far as I know, is pointing the finger at the desperation being caused by the British oligarchy's "economic recovery," and it appears to me that the British are pointing their fingers at Mubarak to distract attention from their responsibility. I suspect that the conflict is being stage-managed, and that chaos is the goal.

Webster Tarpley claims that the hard-core of the demonstrators are being run by the CIA, which is an extension of the British empire. He also claims that the intent is to replace Mubarak in order to get a more compliant regime. But my question is whether Mubarak is part of the scheme, and is just putting on a show of resistance in order to contribute to the chaos. If the plan is for Egypt to become more strident against Iran, as part of the next phase in the "Apocalypse," then perhaps Mubarak will leave after enough chaos has taken place.

Wikileaks supposedly has documents which prove that the US government has been planning this for three years. But Wikileaks has been so discredited in my mind that I consider them to be just a "rogue" division of the mainstream media, and for all I know is working with people inside the government who created those documents in order to be "leaked." The effect again is to distract attention from the British hand.