Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How the Devil might have influenced Loughner

Another likely factor behind Jared Loughner's actions is the direct influence of Sorath (Hebrew for Beast), a.k.a. the Sun Demon, 6-6-6, Antichrist, or Devil. When this occurred to me, I referred to Christ and Antichrist by Peter Tradowsky and found a few passages which seems to fit Loughner:

The result of Sorath's activity in respect of the thinking and sense-impressions is that man should eventually lose his confidence in both; he is to be cut off from the world in which he grew up. He is led to believe that he is inescapably confined within a world of illusion. p 57
Sorath drives the man of action into senseless acts by encouraging him to carry out actions that only serve the physical material body and do not serve other people.... It is he, too, who harnesses the human will to the terrible swing between paralysis and aggression. p 58
With all this the human will, which is unable to work actively in the spiritual part of the social organism (to which it corresponds) because it is paralysed, remains to unfulfilled so disengaged that a tremendous urge for experience overwhelms the soul, which then seeks by all means at its disposal to satisfy this hunger. This takes place on the one hand through aggression, conflict, violence; on the other hand through seeking what it has not experienced in a spiritual way through material means - that is, through drugs of all description. p 62