Monday, January 24, 2011

Interesting insight into Loughner's all-nighter before shooting

The unassuming Loughner started forcing himself to stay awake in an effort to experience "lucid dreaming," a trance-like state in which a person goes directly from waking to dreaming with no lapse in consciousness.

A timeline of Loughner's behavior the night before the shooting -- when he crisscrossed Tucson's northwest side, stopping at two Wal-Marts, a Walgreens pharmacy and three convenience stores between midnight and sunrise -- is typical of the way Gutierrez remembers him.

"He got really into depriving himself of sleep ... It had to be natural. He explained this.

Actual dreams occur typically as we awaken, and our astral body returns from its "travels" in the spiritual world. They are really meaningless, and cannot occur while we're awake.

It seems that "lucid" dreaming consists of hallucinations caused by sleep deprivation. Hallucinations, as I mention in an essay on the 8th Sphere, facilitate Satan's theft of free will, which would seem to make one more vulnerable to the influence of evil spirits. Not only that, but being tired and unable to think clearly also opens the door to the influence of various spirits.

It would be interesting to see the sleight of logic behind Loughner's belief that the world is his own illusion, and yet believing that there was some point in controlling it. In fact, the world is an illusion, but created by God to allow us to have certain experiences necessary for our evolution, including by controlling it to some extent through the exercise of reason and free will. Loughner seems to be doing just the opposite: seeking to control what he believes is his own dream by simply destroying what he doesn't like about it.