Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is support for the enemy of mankind a means of defending democracy?

Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR), a non-profit organization of psychologists committed to social change and social justice, has written a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, protesting “the needless brutality of the conditions to which 23-year-old PFC Bradley Manning is being subjected” at the Marine Corps brig at Quantico, Virginia.
If there is one aspect of Manning’s situation I wish PsySR had emphasized more, it concerns the use of bogus Prevention of Injury (POI) orders to justify some of the conditions of Manning’s imprisonment, including use of a rough, heavy “suicide blanket,” limitations on time out of his cell, waking him in the night to “check” on him, as well as “checking” on him every five minutes or so during the day to ask if he is alright, even though he is under 24-hr. video surveillance.

"Now this cosmic wisdom, which was intrinsically not evil but held holy secrets hidden within it, was carefully concealed by the initiates of Taotl. It was communicated to no one who had not been initiated correctly by the Taotl method. When a candidate had been initiated in the correct way, the teaching concerning the secrets of the cosmos was then imparted to him. Now, it was necessary for him to receive these secrets through initiation in a quite definite mood of soul. He had to feel in himself the inclination and desire to apply them on earth IN SUCH A WAY THAT THEY WOULD SET UP THAT MECHANISTIC RIGID REALM OF DEATH.
Through the murder, the victim was to be prepared in his soul to strive upward to the Luciferic realm [the 8th Sphere], WHEREAS THE CANDIDATE FOR INITIATION WAS TO OBTAIN THE WISDOM TO MOULD THIS EARTHLY WORLD IN SUCH A WAY THAT SOULS WOULD BE DRIVEN OUT OF IT.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.
from 1984 by Orwell

Again, this treatment has nothing to do with obtaining information. Its purpose is to destroy souls, pure and simple, which the last time I checked is not included in the Constitution. Manning, as far as I can tell, was used for the purpose of leaking certain information so that it could be passed off as the hidden truth, and is now being scapegoated and fed to the Orwellian/Reesian soul-destroying shrinks for whom Jose Padilla, hidden away in some supermax prison, represents a smashing success. It would be very interesting to learn of Padilla's current state of mind, but I suspect that he's content to sit in his cage, without a thought in his mind except the terror of returning to the Bush-Cheney dungeon of horrors that destroyed him. The mere fact that Cheney allowed himself to be used by these monstrous "shrinks" is sufficient for me to consider him to be evil, and the fact that Obama hasn't stopped the torment of Manning speaks volumes about him.

Potential recruits to the US military should consider the possibility that they too might end up being incarcerated in some pit of Hell as a result of being charged with some crime.