Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loughner: Existentialist gone wild?

TUCSON — Jared L. Loughner, the man accused of opening fire outside a Tucson supermarket on Jan. 8 in what the authorities consider an attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords, researched famous assassins, the death penalty and solitary confinement on the Internet before the shootings, an official close to the investigation said Wednesday.
So, before collapsing headlong into psychosis and violence, Jared Loughner had nursed a Weltanschauung—a worldview—and that worldview was atheism of the nihilistic variety. He was a Dostoevskian ”underground man”; a Raskolnikov atheist ruminating on semantics and nihilism. Tierney also says Loughner was percolating a longstanding hatred toward his congressional district’s representative, Gabriella Giffords, and possessed a serious inclination to play Heath Ledger’s Joker for real:

Since hearing of the rampage, Tierney has been trying to figure out why Loughner did what he allegedly did. “More chaos, maybe,” he says. “I think the reason he did it was mainly to just promote chaos...."

I'm beginning to wonder whether Loughner was in fact crazy, or if he was putting on a "crazy act." Assuming this evidence isn't fabricated, this pretty much proves that he knew that what he was doing was wrong, in which case, his trial should take a couple of days before the guilty verdict is produced and the death sentence handed down.

There are reports that he read Nietzshe's Beyond Good and Evil, which might explain a lot about him.