Sunday, January 16, 2011

Loughner had Angels on his mind, and perhaps in it

Michelle Montanaro, a second-grade teacher and mother of Jared's onetime best friend Alex Montanaro, said that during a 2007 visit to their home, Loughner spoke excitedly about becoming a writer and told an indecipherable story about an angel talking to a reporter after the end of the world. "I didn't really understand it," Montanaro said. "Neither did Alex. We just sort of looked at each other."

This story might have been an effect of being influenced by the Spirits of Darkness, which are Angels who allied themselves with Satan and were subsequently transferred to Satan's "underworld," from where they constantly seek to "egg on" weak-minded people to do things such as what Loughner did, and what Andrea Yates did. Note that this story can be construed as an incentive provided by the Spirits of Darkness: if you help to destroy civilization, you will survive and commune with Angels - a variation on the Wahhabite story fed to would-be suicide bombers.