Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Loughner puzzled by his constant hostility

Last May 9, at two in the morning, Jared Lee Loughner typed a question to a group of about 50 online gamers located around the world: "Does anyone have aggression 24/7?"

I find this interesting because Loughner couldn't understand his feelings of hostility. If he were on an anti-depressant, that might explain it, but he apparently wasn't on any medications. But most people can understand why they feel hostile, because their hostility is the results of thoughts, and it comes and goes. These feeling were new to him, apparently, because earlier in his life, he was a member of a school band, and this doesn't seem like something he would have done if he had a generalized constant hostility.

One possibility is that he was being influenced by the Spirits of Darkness in his will-region (which they can do to the point of using someone as a puppet). Feeding their impulses into this region would cause Loughner to behave in a hostile manner, to feel hostile, and to generate thoughts to "explain" his feelings. I wrote about this phenomenon in my essay Andrea Yates and the Spirits of Darkness:

No religious conviction, no matter how ardently believed or how dazed the mind which holds that belief, is going to so powerfully override the motherly instinct to protect her children from physical harm. So, I conclude that her instincts had been overridden by alien impulses of will.

Furthermore, it just so happens that there is a class of Satanic beings, known as Spirits of Darkness, which can insinuate such impulses into the three main functional levels of the human soul (thinking, feeling, and willing). These beings, since they were cast down to Earth in 1879, have been under the command of Mammon. In The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours, Rudolf Steiner stated "For occultists [i.e. white-path initiates or their students], Mammon is not only the god of money. Mammon is the leader of all the dark, lower forces [i.e. Satanic forces inhabiting the subphysical realm]. His troops attack not just the human soul, but the physical bodies of humans as well, devouring and destroying them." (p 33) So, the Spirits of Darkness, or SoDs, as subordinates of Mammon, would strive to induce people to kill other people, and they can do so, especially to people with weakened resistance. [end of excerpt]