Monday, January 10, 2011

LPAC hypothesizes plot to use Loughner as a zombie killer

All these and other facts in the public record indicate that Jared Loughner had been pre-primed for an attack against Rep. Giffords; all that was lacking was the suggestion. Last fall at the latest, when Pima community college expelled him on psychiatric grounds, and required him to get a psychiatric clearance before he could return, he "entered the system," in the sense that his background was then available, through government psychiatric agencies, to the unknown controller who later planted the suggestion to assassinate Rep. Gifford.

Within hours of the shooting, the first coverage of major media, led by the Morgan-owned New York Times, blamed Sarah Palin for the killing because of her opposition to the Hitler-like Obama healthcare "reform." This had been coordinated in advance.

I've been assuming that Loughner was never reported to the mental health system, but this hypothesis assumes that he was reported, and that the system decided to use him as a zombie killer whenever it suited their purposes. I also never heard of a movement to encourage "conscious dreaming," although Loughner's video-game habit might have given him an affinity for it. As indicated by the quotation in the previous entry regarding Satan's efforts to "draw them down into the realm of half-conscious sleep and dreams," this movement might be another of Satan's traps.

The media's drumbeat against harsh criticism of politicians was beginning to bug me, and I sensed that it was intended to create peer pressure against criticizing our political leaders, who are only trying to destroy civilization. I also sensed that it is intended to lead to an Orwellian thought-police state.

Another effect of this incident will probably be to let Gov. Brewer appoint someone more in step with the new fascist Congress to take Giffords' place.