Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A monster in a red g-string?

It appears that Loughner is being set up to take the fall as an evil mastermind, to be executed or locked up for life in a high-security prison, despite all the evidence that he's a raging lunatic. Consider the evidence of him posing in a red g-string with his gun. Why would this "evil mastermind" pose in this manner? It's possible that even he doesn't know. Might it be an indication of Satanic spirits driving him? Urges from these beings, as indicated by Twin Peaks, stimulate both sexuality and and the urge to kill and destroy. Note the combination: the g-string and the Glock: sex and violence. I have a hard time believing that such a freak could be a cold, calculating mass murderer. Perhaps an alien being that drove him to do it was the cold-blooded mastermind.

His video "tour" of his one-time college is additional evidence that he's bonkers. His narration consists of a tossed salad of words and phrases obtained from wingnut conspiracy theories. (It supposedly contained speech reversals, but lossily-compressed audio is notorious for masking reversals. The one "reversal" I could find was patently bogus.) This is supposedly a symptom of schizophrenia, which combined with the various influences he absorbed, I suspect made him vulnerable to various Satanic spirits. Determining precisely which type requires a higher authority, but considering the lack of subtlety in his attack, the Spirits of Darkness are my primary suspects, since they goad people into doing monstrous things, like Andrea Yates methodically killing all of her children, and then throw them away like a used Kleenex. Demons don't sacrifice their tools. I can understand (not condone) him shooting Giffords, since to him she might have represented a means to strike back at the federal government, the villain of his worldview. But to then turn on those who are also supposedly victims? A little girl and elderly people? It's beyond insane - it's inhuman.