Friday, January 14, 2011

Obama's peace

In spite of a White House report that "progress" is being made in Afghanistan, by virtually any measure the war has significantly deteriorated since the Obama administration surged troops into Kandahar and Helmand provinces.

The standard is the destruction of civilization and the depopulation of the planet. So, war is peace - of the graveyard - eventually.

Some have noted that Obama's recent appearance in Tucson seemed more like a campaign rally than a memorial service. The mass murder was widely used as a means to attack one of his potential opponents, Sarah Palin, who used crosshairs to symbolize political targeting of Obama's death-care supporters. He's been in campaign mode since returning from vacation, promising to finally get the economy back on track - by which he means escalating the economic BS to unprecedented levels to get re-elected (or reappointed) to serve his masters the best he can.