Saturday, January 22, 2011

Someone almost calls a spade a spade

I realize that these evil men don’t represent Jews everywhere, nor do they even represent the entire rabbinic community. There are many esteemed rabbis who reject outright the satanic mindset permeating through the landscape of the sick minds of people like Elyahu, his cohorts and evil colleagues.
More to the point, it is abundantly clear that thousands of Israeli soldiers would rather heed and obey their respective rabbis’ homilies than their army superiors’ instructions when it comes to treating Palestinians. This fact was revealed during the Israeli onslaught on Gaza two years ago when Israeli soldiers knowingly and deliberately murdered innocent civilians, including children, by the hundreds.

He's getting warm - they're not Satanic rabbis, but Satanists disguised as rabbis, and those "soldiers" who used military might on defenseless civilians aren't just adopting the attitude of these "rabbi"-Satanists - they're Satanists using the rabbi's statements as a cover for what they would have done anyways with whatever excuse. They probably cut their "magical" teeth as youngsters in the settlements, abusing Palestinians in less extreme ways. If mere protests could do any good, they would have changed their ways by now. The best weapon against them is exposure, because they can't operate when enough people understand what they're doing.

The Palestinians are being abused largely in order to fan the flames of hatred for "Israel" and the US, the British Empire's dumb giant which was taken over through the intelligence agencies during WWII. They're also being abused to provide Satanists in the IDF with opportunities for advanced SRA, and to experiment with creating abject hopelessness and driving the higher souls of people out of the world, forever. Consider the results seen in those who have been subjected to "enhanced [>54>6x9] interrogation," which has nothing to do with interrogation. They're typically basket cases. Those responsible should know that they cannot hide from God, and that they will be held responsible when they eventually slither off their mortal coil and find themselves in a system of justice not controlled by Satan. Since they're absolutely certain that they'll never be held accountable, they'll have to find out the hard way that Satan reserved his biggest lies for his followers.