Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why wasn't Giffords shooter in a mental ward?

When I learned of the circumstances of the shooting incident of 1/8/11 ("9/11") in which Rep. Giffords was shot, I figured that the shooter had to be insane. When I discovered his YouTube videos, I realized that he's so insane that it's hard to believe that he's not locked up in a mental ward, and even harder to believe that he was able to obtain and keep a gun, of which he published a photo on his MySpace page. Then there's the apparent lack of security for Giffords and her staff, during a supposed war on terror. So, there's something fishy going on.

It's likely that Gifford's political career is over, in which case her replacement will be appointed by Gov. Brewer, a vacuous, fascist puppet of the Correctional Corp. of America who has started killing transplant candidates to save money. CCA prisons are notorious for prisoner abuse, and studies have shown that prison privatization makes no sense from a fiscal perspective, which is its ostensible motive.