Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tea Party: An example of London's "grass roots" puppets

Protests sparked by a push from Wisconsin Republicans to gut collective bargaining for unions – in order to balance the state budget – continue to spread, with several state capitals witnessing vitriolic faceoffs between union protesters and tea party activists this week.

About 300 union protesters and about 100 tea party activists taunted one another in front of the gold-domed Georgia Capitol in Atlanta on Wednesday, in a scene echoing similar standoffs earlier in the week in Columbus, Ohio; Des Moines, Iowa; and Denver, Colo.
Aug. 17 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche said last week that the Tea Party movement is not the mass strike.... And, the Tea Party is about to go the way of the dinosaur, unless it breaks from the corrupt, money-grubbing operation known as "Dick's Armey," a.k.a. Freedomworks.

The Wall Street Journal provided a half-page of op-ed space to former Republican Congressional leader Dick Armey (Texas) and Freedomworks head Matt Kibbe to hype the release of their new book, Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto. Its publisher, HarperCollins, like the Journal, is owned by Sir Rupert Murdoch, who just donated $1 million from News Corporation to the Republican Governors Association for their election fights. So much for the "independent" Tea Party.

Armey and Kibbe say it arose as "beautiful chaos—or, as the Nobel Prize-winning [fascist] economist FA Hayek put it, 'spontaneous order.'"

Their underlying message: Turn the Tea Party into A BATTERING RAM FOR AUSTERITY, in which all their candidates goose-step to a program called "Contract from America."

The Tea Party's real agenda has become the destruction of the United States by keeping British puppet Barack Obama in the White House. One Tea Party blogger wrote in a Cape Cod, Mass., blog, "We don't want to impeach Obama—we want to keep him there to help us win elections!"

General Mullen hinting at invasion of Iran?

"Iran, I still believe, is a country that continues to foment instability in the region, take advantage of every opportunity," Mullen, chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in Qatar last Monday.

As if the US hasn't turned Iraq and Afghanistan into hellish playgrounds for Satanists, with nominally "democratic" governments (proven by the existence of "elections"), and as if it's not behind "Islamic" terrorism (see previous post) to "justify" the "war on terror" reign of terror. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention its support for "Israel," the single most destabilizing factor in the world.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's cut contrived "Apocalypses" out of the budget

London, Feb 20(ANI): Double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis has been found in possession of top-secret CIA documents, which point to him or the feared American Task Force 373 (TF373) operating in the region, providing Al-Qaeda terrorists with "nuclear fissile material" and "biological agents," according to a report.
We also have to work, though, sort of the dark side, if you will. We’ve got to spend time in the shadows in the intelligence world. A lot of what needs to be done here will have to be done quietly, without any discussion, using sources and methods that are available to our intelligence agencies, if we’re going to be successful. That’s the world these folks operate in, and so it’s going to be vital for us to use any means at our disposal, basically, to achieve our objective.
Dick Cheney

A few of the missing pieces that explain Al Qaeda's "resilience": it's an imperial operation to keep the "Apocalypse" going.

Nazis coming out of the woodwork

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana deputy attorney general was fired Wednesday after he suggested — among many provocative remarks on a private Twitter account and blog — that police use live ammunition to clear union protesters from the state Capitol in Wisconsin.

The Indiana attorney general's office learned of the remarks after Mother Jones, a liberal nonprofit news magazine, published a story online Wednesday.

The exchange started Sunday, when Jeff Cox, 39, tweeted "use live ammunition" in response to a Mother Jones tweet that riot police had been ordered to remove union supporters from the Wisconsin state Capitol in Madison.

In the article published online, the reporter, Adam Weinstein, said he confronted Cox on Twitter.

"He tweeted back that the demonstrators were 'political enemies' and 'thugs' who were 'physically threatening legally elected officials,' " Weinstein wrote in Wednesday's article. "In response to such behavior, he said, 'You're damned right I advocate deadly force.' He later called me a 'typical leftist,' adding, 'Liberals hate police.' "

Weinstein discovered Sunday that Cox was a deputy attorney general. Cox had listed his profession only as "lawyer" on his Twitter account.
In a written statement released late Wednesday, Cox said the post was not meant to be taken literally, "and I don't think any reasonable person would conclude otherwise.

So, I'm wrong to think that 'You're damned right I advocate deadly force' means literal murder?

This is just a premature expression of our government's treasonous intent - funneling trillions to the financial oligarchy to cover their gambling debts while killing Americans in the name of budget balancing. This guy was fired for being too obvious, not for having any different intent than the governor. The recent surge in gas prices is one of the actual costs of the "bailout," which was intended to destroy the economy on behalf of America's longstanding enemy, the British empire. This is, strictly speaking, treason.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The un-settling settlements and Satanism

BEIT IJZA, West Bank – The al-Ghirayib family lives in one of the stranger manifestations of Israel's 43-year occupation of the West Bank: a Palestinian house inside a metal cage inside an Israeli settlement.
While al-Ghirayibs' situation is unusual, Palestinians say it reflects the pressures put on their communities by Israel's more than 120 West Bank settlements.

The settlements, a sort of tumor, constitute the ongoing instigation behind the fake Apocalypse, and as such, is the prime focus of Satanism in "Israel." Note the connection of the settlements to the SRA-incident which I cite in "Satanists do the darnedest things," below: the coven disguised as soldiers were and probably still are assigned to a settlement, and members of the settlement watched as they inflicted their SRA upon innocent Palestinians. LaRouche has exposed the connection of the British empire and and its ultra-fundamentalist "rabbis" to the settlements (see Temple Mount Fanatics Foment a New Thirty Years' War, for example) and for that, he drew considerable heat from those who would rather have us believe that the Empire is a quaint relic.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Scientology's innermost circle: Satanism

After the war, Hubbard’s marriage dissolved, and he moved to Pasadena, where he became the housemate of Jack Parsons, a rocket scientist who belonged to an occult society called the Ordo Templi Orientis. An atmosphere of hedonism pervaded the house; Parsons hosted gatherings involving “sex magick” rituals. ["Sex magick": orgies which form the outermost layers of Satanism, designed to facilitate wild abandonment to one's lowest, animal impulses, leading to an initial, "Nietzschean superman" form of possession. This phrase also supports my contention that Satanism poses as black magic.]
Much of the alleged abuse took place at the Gold Base, a Scientology outpost in the desert near Hemet, a town eighty miles southeast of Los Angeles. [Image from Google Earth with Becker-Hagens Grid overlay - performing SRA on the Grid is more effective for its intended effect, i.e. demonic possession.] Miscavige has an office there, and the site features, among other things, movie studios and production facilities for the church’s many publications. For decades, the base’s location was unknown even to many church insiders. Haggis visited the Gold Base only once, in the early eighties, when he was about to direct his Scientology commercial. The landscape, he said, suggested a spa, “beautiful and restful,” but he found the atmosphere sterile and scary. Surrounded by a security fence, the base houses about eight hundred Sea Org [>65>11, the number of black magic] members, in quarters that the church likens to those “in a convent or seminary, albeit much more comfortable.

For more on this variety of front for Satanism, designed largely to abuse people by feeding them a crock and gloating as they lap it up, see Ye Olden Con.

Another motive for "democratic revolutions" emerges

The spectre of full civil war in oil-rich Libya and reports of the creation of an Islamic emirate in country's "Barqa" region has moved the Mid-East crisis into a more dangerous phase, setting off an explosive rise in US crude prices.

To anyone who follows LaRouche's publications, this is obviously a pathetic cover story for the effects of the bailouts.

Satanists do the darnedest things

On Saturday the 19th of February at 1 pm, the Beit Ommar National Committee held a large demonstration to protest the Israeli government’s decision to expand settlements, with support from the United States. They were joined by Palestinian Popular Committees from Hebron, Al-Masar’a, Beit Ola, Tuwani, Surif, and Wadi Rahal, as well as members from the Beit Ommar municipality. The gathered Palestinian activists were also supported by a large number of Israeli and International solidarity activists.

The army arrived in several jeeps from Karmei Tsur settlement and immediately began shooting tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. Israeli Forces also threw sound bombs at the crowd, hitting a few people directly. A minister from the Beit Ommar municipality was injured in his leg, and a member of the National Committee was injured after a sound bomb exploded on his back. The army continued their attacks, while a group of settlers gathered behind the Karmei Tsur fence to watch the repression. After an hour and half, the demonstrators successfully delivered their message to the soldiers and media and returned to the village with no arrests.

Note the proximity of this "law enforcement action" to the full Moon (the previous day), when Satanists get particularly restless because it gives their sadism-based "religion" some sort of a mystical aura. The Saturday nearest the full Moon is also the most likely time for their orgies, and they like to get in some of their more intense SRA just prior to them. It also shows that they strive for lowness for its own sake, because it's the opposite of human will. They're convinced that by behaving opposite to human will, that they will become superhuman, when in fact they become subhuman. They also avoid risking their own lives, by picking on innocent, defenseless people (partly because attacking people who deserve it would be human), partly because they're existentialists, but also because Satan needs his tools. So, you see things like Blackwater's "special forces operators" that look like a gang of large, flabby punks in black roaming the streets of Baghdad shooting anyone they see, only after the regular military has made the area safe for them.

No wonder the Israeli military needs so much advanced American weaponry to take on someone who can fight back.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recovery: Cargill execs lighting stogies with Bennies

BEIJING, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- Soaring food prices, which the World Bank says have hit "dangerous levels," have thrust the issue of food security sharply into the global spotlight over the past week.

From Asia to the Middle East and to Latin America, the trends of food prices have aroused widespread public concerns globally and in the developing world in particular.

World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick warned on Tuesday: "Global food prices are rising to dangerous levels and threaten tens of millions of poor people around the world."

Rising food prices have driven an estimated 44 million people into poverty in developing countries since last June, as food costs continue to rise to near 2008 levels.

How convenient for Bernanke that this supposed food shortage (which hasn't stopped the conversion of corn into ethanol, exposing the "environmental" motive as depopulation) arrived just in time to provide an explanation for high food prices, other than the trillions he's given to those who have been driving up food prices as a way to convert their Fed monopoly-money into something of real value.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Egyptian thugs assault CBS reporter

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan is recovering in an American hospital this week after being sexually assaulted and beaten by a mob in Egypt's Tahrir Square late on Friday.

Sounds like rendition to an Abu Ghraib variant is in their future.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt's irrational exuberance

There's a lot of talk about freedom and democracy in Egypt, but faced as the world is with economic collapse, how much freedom can anyone have? I think it's a joke on the people of Egypt by those who orchestrated the whole thing, manipulating desperate and enraged Egyptians into going along with their plan to replace Mubarak with a fundamentalist regime for the next phase of the "Apocalypse" and make it look like a democratic revolution. As with our "leaders," Egypt's figureheads are just puppets, figures on a media stage. They take orders from their puppeteers, and the blame for them, and are replaced with new puppets.

Egypt: Obama's distraction

Many would like to know exactly what is being done in reference to solving our ever worsening jobs problem. You would think that as our continuing loss of jobs is the number one issue in America today, it would be all over the mainstream news. Not so. The fact is unless you are an Egyptian living in America you might as well not bother turning the television on.
This whole Egyptian circus is nothing more than an international distraction which has cost us nineteen days of press coverage for the ongoing crisis in America.
In his second interview with WNYC's Brian Lehrer, cut short because of breaking developments in Egypt, FCIC head Phil Angelides continued to promote circulation of the FCIC's Final Report (which continues to get scant coverage in the media), and called for more aggressive federal action to deal with the continuing foreclosure crisis.

It was probably no coincidence that the Eyptian crisis occurred just as the Angelides report came out.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Obama's new synthetic personality?

"And then somebody -- I don't remember who it was -- turned and said, 'You know what? What about Gibbs' tie? What about Gibbs' tie? That might look good.' And, frankly, Robert didn't want to give it up because he thought he looked really good in the tie. But eventually he was willing to take one for the gipper, and so he took off his tie, and I put it on. And that's the tie that I wore at the national convention."

President Obama, we knew Ronald Reagan, and....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yeah, it's SRA

That's when the violence – and the terror – really began.

At first, I attached no meaning to the dull slapping sounds. But comprehension dawned as, amid loud shouting, I heard the electric shock rods being ratcheted up. My colleague, Abdelilah – kept in a neighbouring room – later told me what the torturers said next.

"Get the electric shocks ready. This lot are to be made to really suffer," a guard said as a new batch of prisoners were brought in.

"Why did you do this to your country?" a jailer screamed as he tormented his victim. "You are not to speak in here, do you understand?" one prisoner was told. He did not reply. Thump. "Do you understand?" Still no answer. More thumps. "Do you understand?" Prisoner: "Yes, I understand." Torturer: "I told you not to speak in here," followed by a cascade of thumps, kicks, and electric shocks.

This smacks of the typical lame excuses Satanists use for inflicting advanced SRA in the guise of protecting national security. As usual, this bunch operates under the color of an intelligence agency, in a legalistic Twilight Zone where there are no human rights, and there are indications in the article of its ritualistic (routine) nature. Also, as usual, the insanity of brutalizing so many of one's own citizens is never questioned. It only fans the flames of rebellion, which then provides excuses for more torture.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No accountability for Satanists in this world

The AP has a story tracking what happened to those officers. And it finds that few were held accountable, particularly not senior officers, and even those who were reprimanded have continued to prosper in the agency.

As Yakov Smirnoff would say, "what a country!"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cairo: the Isis Cult's "Mecca"

If anything, the recent "unrest" in Egypt has revealed its government's true nature, which is pretty much that of a sadistic cowboy. Their explanation, of course, would be that it's the only way to maintain control, for the common good. The truth is that the torture is for purposes of advanced SRA/Satanism (the "ritual" in SRA is repetition/routine). Cairo is modern Satanism's "Mecca" (a great place to go for "initiation," i.e. to engage in advanced SRA until you become demonically possessed) for at least the following reasons:

A) It's located on or near the Earth Grid, where etheric nature-spirits, including demons, are concentrated.

B) Modern Satanism has the trappings of the ancient, outmoded Egyptian Mysteries (founded by Hermes/Thoth, the Great Architect), because they were a major source of the occult secrets which were leaked by disloyal members and which are used (actually, deliberately misused) by black magicians. (Occult secrets are like scientific principles, and they can be used for good or evil.)

C) because Satanists in town to torture victims served up by the police can always explain their presence as tourism (thus also getting some practice at lying, which is another major aspect of their "religion").

Egypt's complex relationship to "Israel," which was imposed by the British Empire and its 600 lb. gorilla, the US, also serves organized Satanism and its fake "Apocalypse."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Economic recovery in Texas!

Feb 2 (Reuters) - ERCOT, which operates the power grid in much of Texas, imposed rolling blackouts on Wednesday due to the loss of several power plants overnight during a severe ice storm, a spokeswoman for ERCOT said.

She could not say when the rolling blackouts would end.

The grid operator urged consumers to cut back on their power usage.

Electricity traders said hourly prices in ERCOT were $2,000 per megawatt hour, up from $50 where it usually trades.

20 times as much for electricity! Power-plant investors are celebrating by lighting cigars with Benjamins, and THAT, my economics-major friends, is the stuff of economic booms!

Note the complete lack of detail on the reasons for the power plant outages - just some vague "due to severe ice storms." Shades of Enron's profiteering about a decade ago. Maybe they figured we'd forgotten by now.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why is Omama allowing Manning's "not-torture?" (revised)

To dispense with such restrained and legalistic language, and put things bluntly, Private Bradley Manning is being tortured by the US military. The Obama administration, having come into office with a promise to end the torture carried out by the Bush administration, is engaged in similar practices itself. This is taking place, not only in secret CIA and military prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan, not only in Guantanamo Bay, but in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.
Military officials admitted today that Quantico Brig Commander James Averhart improperly classified Bradley Manning as a “suicide risk” in order to impose harsh conditions on him as punishment for failure to follow orders. Averhart’s order overruled the opinion of three brig psychiatrists who said Manning was not at risk [of suicide].
At yesterday’s White House Press Briefing, Jake Tapper of ABC News asked Robert Gibbs if the administration was satisfied that Manning was being kept in conditions that are appropriate for his accused crime, and that his visitors are treated as any visitors to any prison are treated. Gibbs replied that he “would direct you to the authorities that are holding [Manning].”

You see, Obama isn't really the authority over the Satanist faction within the military. They both answer to the same authority, and Obama's orders are to look the other way.

Manning is being punished with a moderate form of "enhanced interrogation" by the Satanist faction for exposing the snuff film of one of their war crimes (the helicopter massacre), which was supposed to be kept within "the family" for purposes of gloating, and their puppets in the government are naturally pretending that they and their organized-crime-against-humanity spree don't exist. That's how they operate - they never acknowledge their gratuitous cruelty (which is the essence of Satanism), because they figure that it therefore is just an allegation. If they can't deny it, then they pass the buck or provide some lame excuse for it, because they know that we can't DO anything about it. (This is what LaRouche calls "Fascism with a democratic face.") In Manning's case, even though some Pentagon officials admit that Manning should not be on "Prevention of Injury" watch (which is a big lie - they're trying to destroy his mind, and perhaps to get him to "confess"), nothing has been done about correcting the situation. "Oh, you want us to DO something about it? Well, uh, we'll refer you to the proper authority, as soon as we figure out who that might be."

Revision: First sentence of 2nd para.