Monday, February 7, 2011

Cairo: the Isis Cult's "Mecca"

If anything, the recent "unrest" in Egypt has revealed its government's true nature, which is pretty much that of a sadistic cowboy. Their explanation, of course, would be that it's the only way to maintain control, for the common good. The truth is that the torture is for purposes of advanced SRA/Satanism (the "ritual" in SRA is repetition/routine). Cairo is modern Satanism's "Mecca" (a great place to go for "initiation," i.e. to engage in advanced SRA until you become demonically possessed) for at least the following reasons:

A) It's located on or near the Earth Grid, where etheric nature-spirits, including demons, are concentrated.

B) Modern Satanism has the trappings of the ancient, outmoded Egyptian Mysteries (founded by Hermes/Thoth, the Great Architect), because they were a major source of the occult secrets which were leaked by disloyal members and which are used (actually, deliberately misused) by black magicians. (Occult secrets are like scientific principles, and they can be used for good or evil.)

C) because Satanists in town to torture victims served up by the police can always explain their presence as tourism (thus also getting some practice at lying, which is another major aspect of their "religion").

Egypt's complex relationship to "Israel," which was imposed by the British Empire and its 600 lb. gorilla, the US, also serves organized Satanism and its fake "Apocalypse."