Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nazis coming out of the woodwork

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana deputy attorney general was fired Wednesday after he suggested — among many provocative remarks on a private Twitter account and blog — that police use live ammunition to clear union protesters from the state Capitol in Wisconsin.

The Indiana attorney general's office learned of the remarks after Mother Jones, a liberal nonprofit news magazine, published a story online Wednesday.

The exchange started Sunday, when Jeff Cox, 39, tweeted "use live ammunition" in response to a Mother Jones tweet that riot police had been ordered to remove union supporters from the Wisconsin state Capitol in Madison.

In the article published online, the reporter, Adam Weinstein, said he confronted Cox on Twitter.

"He tweeted back that the demonstrators were 'political enemies' and 'thugs' who were 'physically threatening legally elected officials,' " Weinstein wrote in Wednesday's article. "In response to such behavior, he said, 'You're damned right I advocate deadly force.' He later called me a 'typical leftist,' adding, 'Liberals hate police.' "

Weinstein discovered Sunday that Cox was a deputy attorney general. Cox had listed his profession only as "lawyer" on his Twitter account.
In a written statement released late Wednesday, Cox said the post was not meant to be taken literally, "and I don't think any reasonable person would conclude otherwise.

So, I'm wrong to think that 'You're damned right I advocate deadly force' means literal murder?

This is just a premature expression of our government's treasonous intent - funneling trillions to the financial oligarchy to cover their gambling debts while killing Americans in the name of budget balancing. This guy was fired for being too obvious, not for having any different intent than the governor. The recent surge in gas prices is one of the actual costs of the "bailout," which was intended to destroy the economy on behalf of America's longstanding enemy, the British empire. This is, strictly speaking, treason.