Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yeah, it's SRA

That's when the violence – and the terror – really began.

At first, I attached no meaning to the dull slapping sounds. But comprehension dawned as, amid loud shouting, I heard the electric shock rods being ratcheted up. My colleague, Abdelilah – kept in a neighbouring room – later told me what the torturers said next.

"Get the electric shocks ready. This lot are to be made to really suffer," a guard said as a new batch of prisoners were brought in.

"Why did you do this to your country?" a jailer screamed as he tormented his victim. "You are not to speak in here, do you understand?" one prisoner was told. He did not reply. Thump. "Do you understand?" Still no answer. More thumps. "Do you understand?" Prisoner: "Yes, I understand." Torturer: "I told you not to speak in here," followed by a cascade of thumps, kicks, and electric shocks.

This smacks of the typical lame excuses Satanists use for inflicting advanced SRA in the guise of protecting national security. As usual, this bunch operates under the color of an intelligence agency, in a legalistic Twilight Zone where there are no human rights, and there are indications in the article of its ritualistic (routine) nature. Also, as usual, the insanity of brutalizing so many of one's own citizens is never questioned. It only fans the flames of rebellion, which then provides excuses for more torture.