Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An accurate alternative to the MSM's fear-mongering on nuke plants

But, even if by a magic miracle the containments of Japanese plants perished in the quake or tsunami, the residents around them would not be harmed by radiation. This we learned from the Chernobyl disaster in which not a single person died among the population, as according to a recent report of United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR 2011), the radiation doses from Chernobyl fallout (of about 1 mSv per year) were below the natural radiation, too small to produce any effect.

As I expected, the media has done its utmost to create irrational fear about nuclear power in the wake of the quake/tsunami in Japan. Note how it repeatedly showed the explosion of the buildings around the reactor containment vessels, as if the buildings WERE the containment vessels and the explosions caused an enormous release of radioactivity, to the extent that it could be blown across the Pacific and kill people in the US! This is clearly yet another case of preying upon ignorance in order to advance the oligarchy's anti-nuclear-power agenda. Shame on them for heaping an irrational concern on top of the many other concerns resulting from the disaster.