Friday, March 18, 2011

And the reign-of-terror beat goes on, again (revised - added link)

A U.S. Predator drone missile strike killed up to 40 innocent civilians in Pakistan’s tribal area on Thursday, outraging Pakistani government and military officials. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani condemned the “irrational” attack and said it will “only strengthen [the] hands of radical and extremist elements.”

So where is the "President" on this? Peep one I have yet to hear from the Puppet-in-Chief. What about Congress? Will those responsible be held accountable? Of course not - Satanists are never held accountable in this world, since the government is their puppet. In cases such as this, they typically hide behind the skirts of "national security," "state secrets" and "accidents." (There's apparently a secret parallel drone program being run by JSOC, not the CIA, and this might be who's behind this attack.) How many Pakistani civilians will die in the subsequent insane suicide bombings directed (misdirected) by some tentacle of the US/UK/Israeli military-intelligence complex, such as Pakistani intelligence?