Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the reign-of-terror beat goes on

General Davis Petraeus today announced that the US is “deeply sorry” for yesterday’s air strike in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan, a strike which killed nine children who were collecting firewood.
Reports say that several hundred protesters from nearby villages flocked to the capital of the province, chanting “death to America” and insisting apologies were simply not good enough any more....

To understand the purpose of this probably-deliberate massacre of innocents, see Excerpts from, and comments on, The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War. If you were to chart these "accidental" attacks on a timeline, you would probably find that they have a certain rhythm.

Such terror-bombings also help "Islamic" terrorist-controllers recruit new cannon-fodder, with the intent of creating more terror and continuing the cycle of violence.