Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bradley Manning and abject hopelessness

Ultimately, in order to create "learned helplessness" (i.e. to destroy free will, which is just slightly un-American) a state of utter hopelessness must be induced in the subject's mind. For example, in the experiments on dogs, the dogs were shocked with no opportunity for escape or for preventing the shocks. Eventually, when they had the opportunity to escape, they didn't bother. They had lost the will to live.

In Manning's case, he must be convinced that there is nobody on Earth who is willing and able to stop his torment. (Gitmo "detainees" have been subjected to the same hope-destroying ritual for years.) So, his treatment is exposed, and yet those with the (supposed) power to stop it simply pretend that he's not being abused. President-Puppet Obama's response is PART OF the abuse. He really has no power - even firing Crowley was probably the result of an order from his Synarchist masters. And Dennis Kucinich, the only Congressman who to my knowledge has objected to Manning's treatment, has evidently been able to get any of his fellow Congressmen on board.