Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bradley Manning: Are those responsible for security breach being similarly persecuted?

Some of the best evidence that the lurid claims about Bradley Manning's treatment in Quantico's brig are true is that Rep. Dennis Kucinich is being prevented from visiting him. For details on this, see the Bradley Manning Support Network's website. He has reportedly been forced to spend at least a few nights without clothing, and to stand at attention naked for roll call. Those responsible refuse to provide a coherent justification, which is typical of SRA. So, I assume that it is being done, and for purposes of reducing him to a basket case as part of the 8th Sphere agenda, which is the ultimate agenda of the forces of evil. The fact that this is happening essentially right under the noses of the government, and that they are not calling for an investigation (other than Kucinich) is alarming. Obama appears to be content to accept the word of those behind it, that it is not taking place, or that such treatment is standard for everyone, showing us who's really the boss. P.J. Crowley's resignation, supposedly as a result of breaking with the party line and slamming Manning's treatment, might be another sign of this. Manning might be a traitor, but such treatment of prisoners is not allowed under the military's code of justice. Those considering joining the military should wonder whether they will end up like Manning if they are charged with a crime.

One question which Rep. Kucinich should add to his list of questions for the Pentagon is whether those responsible for the incredible lack of security which allowed Manning to download so much supposed classified information have been held accountable. If not, why not? Was Manning used in order to "leak" lies disguised as "the hidden truth?"

Another possibility is that this is a much deeper hoax by those masters of deception, the intelligence community. So, although I tend to believe that Manning is being abused, I'm also open to the possibility that we are being subjected to some Byzantine manipulation.