Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chernobyl: The hidden reality

Chernobyl was indeed an historic event; it is the only nuclear power station disaster that ever resulted in an occupational death toll, albeit a comparatively small one. A vast environmental dispersion of radioactivity occurred that did not cause any scientifically confirmed fatalities in the general population. The worst harm to the population was caused not by radiation, and not to flesh, but to minds.

This catastrophe provided many invaluable lessons. One of them is a recognition of the absurdity of the prevailing linear no-threshold hypothesis (LNT), which assumes that even near-zero radiation dosage can lead to cancer death and hereditary disorders. That the LNT is false, is shown by observing that such damage did not occur after Chernobyl.

As a result of the problems with Japan's nuclear power plants (due to some idiotic or perhaps intentional design deficiencies and operational practices for such a seismically active, tsunami-prone area), it has become abundantly evident to me that the media has been using this as an opportunity not only to lie to us about nuclear energy, but to TORMENT us by bombarding us with expressions of unfounded fears of radiation, thus subtly convincing us that there is some foundation for them. The intended result is not only anti-nuclear-energy hysteria, but ultimately a surrender of our free will to Big Brother, which Churchill called "the empire of the mind," i.e. the British-controlled media-experts.

The antidote is to recognize what the media-masters are trying to do, and to seek out sources of information, such as the above-referenced article, instead of disinformation and psywar.