Thursday, March 24, 2011

Congressional "free traders": Explain FDA's crusade against ascorbic acid

My impression of Congress is that it is choreographed by the media-masters (which include a large contingent of Devilish Reesian tormentor-shrinks) as thoroughly as is any ballet. Every one of their bleats that makes in into the media is scripted. If one appears to be on the side of the people, it is only because he's powerless to get significant support for his agenda, with the intent of making us feel powerless, or as one person put it, a nation of rape victims.

So, the title of this entry is rhetorical. It will never happen. If we try to force it to happen, the government will come out from behind its democratic mask and turn the military on us. The events in Libya only appear to be motivated by a desire to protect the people of Libya, when it's really about unleashing "democratic revolution" (chaos), replacing the Ghaddawful puppet with one with a more democratic face, and forcing Libya to purchase new weapons systems from some Anglo-American SS military contractor. British agents-provocateur harnessed the anger of the populace toward the policies of their local British puppet to start the process. There was never any intent to improve the general welfare, but to impose chaos and destruction, and to generate new weapons contracts for the Anglo-American SS military-industrial complex. Libya's puppet-ruler might never be replaced by anything other than chaos leading to a dark age. Obama's intervention was just part of this process, partly intended to improve his popularity relative to the Congress, i.e. the Beltway Ballet.

The FDA is an American version of the Libyan air force, except that its war on the American people is a constant war of aggression, and not just an attempt to put down an uprising. It's just a tentacle of the pharmaceutical industry which is a tentacle of the WWF, Prince Philip's global depopulation program. From what I understand, the FDA has effectively declared, despite evidence to the contrary, that intravenous ascorbic acid therapies are worse than useless, and has told a pharmacy that it will no longer be allowed to manufacture or distribute injectable vitamin C. If this isn't a murderous police state, just slightly subtler that Ghaddawful's, then I don't know what it is.