Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Connick v. Thompson - phew!

Washington (CNN) -- A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled against a former death row inmate who sought damages from the state after prosecutors hid crucial blood tests that would have earlier proven his innocence. The 5-4 decision Tuesday involved John Thompson, who came within weeks of execution and had spent 18 years behind bars before being set free after the new forensic evidence came to light.

Deciding for Thompson would have amounted to depriving organized Satanism of one of its major sources of unaccountable power, so naturally, the decision had to go the way it did. Thompson wasn't just incarcerated, but tortured for 14 years in solitary confinement. Don't hold your breath for Louisiana's legislature to compensate him - just hold your nose, because this case reeks of the intent to destroy an innocent human being. There is some justice in this case, however, because the persecutor died and has appeared before the Court which the Supreme Court is supposed to represent. Well, assuming he had a soul.