Monday, March 7, 2011

Depopulators refuse to admit feasibility of NAWAPA

'Since then,' says David Brauer of the US Agriculture Department agency, the Ogallala Research Service, 'we have drained enough water to half-fill Lake Erie of the Great Lakes.' Billions upon billions of gallons – or, as they prefer to measure it, acre-feet of water, each one equivalent to a football field flooded a foot deep – have been pumped. 'The problem,' he goes on, 'is that in a brief half-century we have drawn the Ogallala level down from an average of 240ft to about 80.'
'The Ogallala supply is going to run out and the Plains will become uneconomical to farm,' Brauer says. 'That is beyond reasonable argument. Our goal now is to engineer a soft landing. That's all we can do.'

No, that's all the British masters of "free trade" will ALLOW us to do, and all that their puppet Brauer can even mention. There is a solution, and it's called NAWAPA - a means to do what all those "free market" economists say they want to do: make us "competitive." It's a little difficult to compete in the global agricultural marketplace without water, isn't it? So why not divert a vast, constantly-renewed source of fresh water, which is currently going to waste, to where it can do some good? Their response: tell their media to pretend that not even the concept of NAWAPA exists, much less the blueprints, and to revel in the end of civilization as if preordained by Darwinism, because mankind just isn't fit to survive, despite the fact that they've had to force or manipulate us into doing everything wrong for the last several decades.