Monday, March 28, 2011

Der Spiegel's neo-con faction does its part to perpetrate the "war on terror"

Early in their investigation into possible war crimes, Army sleuths realized the explosive potential of photos taken of two Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldiers who posed next to the body of an Afghan who they have been accused of murdering.

So the Army went to extraordinary lengths to suppress their disclosure in a digital era when images quickly go global.
The Army's efforts to keep these photos secret ended in failure.

Actually, everything has gone precisely as planned by the Satanic British empire, down to the timing of the release, just in time for the mayhem/SRA season. The photos were taken in order to be "leaked." (Note how they portray an average American soldier gloating over the murder of a generic innocent Afghan citizen - obviously calculated to provoke anger toward the average American soldier.)

Now, of course, Der Spiegel's neo-con faction will continue to "leak" ever more graphic photos, or to insinuate that those they're not "leaking" are far worse, in order to keep fanning the flames, and "bringing it onto" soldiers who had nothing to do with the crimes shown in the photos. I'll bet they don't have any relatives in the "war" zone.