Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Obama lying about Manning's treatment?

WASHINGTON — President Obama has defended conditions in a Marine Corps jail for Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, who is accused of leaking classified government documents to WikiLeaks. The president said Friday that he had been assured that such measures as forcing Private Manning to sleep without clothing were justified and for his own safety.
According to Private Manning’s written account, a brig psychiatrist recommended continuing the prevention-of-injury status for Private Manning in December, but in January decided it should be ended, a recommendation ignored by brig commanders.

There are too many unknowns about this situation for me to pass judgment, although I think it can be safely stated that the contradiction between the passages cited above indicate that someone isn't telling the truth about it.

It's also interesting that there have been no reports of disciplinary action taken against those who were responsible for the truck-sized security lapse which allowed Manning to download vast amounts of information. P.J. Crowley, whom Obama evidently canned for criticizing Manning's treatment (good evidence that Manning was being mistreated, and perhaps still is, and that Obama wants to cover it up instead of punishing those responsible), was partly motivated by the fact that the security breach compromised a lot of confidential State Dept. cables. Perhaps he also knows that those responsible for the lapse aren't being disciplined. If so, why not?