Saturday, March 19, 2011

Man convicted for using silver as medium of exchange

A good example of how the laws of the United States have been rigged to allow the financial oligarchy to wage economic warfare on the country, and mankind in general, is the case in which Bernard von NotHaus "was convicted ... by a federal jury of making, possessing, and selling his own coins...."

Silver coins are essentially just another commodity, not currency in the sense that paper money is currency whose value must be regulated, by issuing it in proportion to the value of the real economy. The relative value of silver is determined by its rarity and its usefulness as a material, and forming it into coins doesn't change that. Counterfeiting US currency, like Bernanke is doing on a vast scale, undermines its value by virtue of creating it without a corresponding increase in the value of the physical economy. This value-less money is then transferred to a lucky few, who then use it to buy up physical commodities in order to link their counterfeit money to the real economy. This is what's driving commodity prices, such as those of food and fuel, through the roof.

von NotHaus' scheme is really no threat to anyone because of its small scale. However, they had to make an example of him to nip such schemes of using commodities as media of exchange in the bud, since on a large scale they would threaten the banker's ability to rip us off. Bernanke, not von NotHaus, should be in prison.