Friday, March 18, 2011

MSM and "alternative media": Abandon hope, all ye who take us seriously

After realizing that much of the media "coverage" of the situation with Japan's nuclear power plants, and of the supposed plight of Bradley Manning, is aimed at OUR minds, it didn't take long to realize that this explains a lot of what happens these days, along with the media response (including many "alternative" media). A prime example is the perpetual "war on terror," which at the outset was called both "a cake walk" and "the long war." In other words, it was based on lies, it was intended to be a long war, and I suspect that the ultimate "enemy" is our free will. It just grinds on and on and on, apparently producing nothing but destruction (and miracle-working surgeons who can just about revive raw hamburger), with some official such as Petraeus providing some vague excuse periodically. So, again, the formula of "no explanation, no solution, and no hope" applies, and it seems to be intended to persuade us, like Winston Smith in 1984, to abandon our free will.

Naturally, this doesn't apply to everyone in the media, but to disinformation agents who like the Black Bloc hide behind genuine protesters, sporadically and viciously lash out at some target of opportunity, and then try to blend back in with the protesters. This would explain the sudden emergence of the tsunami of disinformation to which I referred in a previous entry, which I suspect was prepared long in advance for this Japanese quake. Thus, it had a sense of being disconnected from the real world because it wasn't based on the real world, but on what they wanted us to believe.