Thursday, March 24, 2011

One sleeping air traffic controller: good enough for Reagan National's night shift

WASHINGTON (AP) — Should jetliners be landing with only a single air traffic controller on duty — even if he's awake? Federal officials are grappling with that question following the safe landing of two jetliners this week with no help from the lone air traffic supervisor on duty at Washington's Reagan National Airport.

Obviously, things are just fine the way they are, since the airliners landed safely. Actually, we need to cut back and shrink the economy further, so that there can be a recovery, by causing it to hit bottom and bounce up sooner. Yeah, that's the ticket - the rubber ball theory of economics. In fact, we're going to start applying this principle to medicine too - we'll call it "enhanced resuscitation," where people who are "coding" will be strangled, and defibrillator paddles applied to their heads, based on the principle of killing them so that they can spontaneously come back to life. If you repeat it often enough, it becomes truth despite the evidence.