Wednesday, March 16, 2011

They hate our free will

In my opinion, the oligarchy is using the disaster in Japan as an opportunity to panic us into phasing nuclear power out, which is precisely the opposite of what we need to be doing. We should be building modern, inherently safe nuclear power plants as fast as we can. It's a far better way to produce results than printing money to pay bankers' gambling debts.

However, I suspect that there is something more fundamental going on: a war on free will. Note that everything coming from the media screams that there's no explanation, no solution, and no hope.

The prime example is the coverage of the situation at Japan's nuclear power plants. Reading the media "reports" give the impression that everyone on Earth is going to start glowing in the dark within the next few months, although pinning down exactly why is not so easy. This creates an inner tension, which by itself is a form of torment, a form of SRA. It also appears to be calculated to cause hysteria, which is what I believe Naomi Klein would call the Shock Doctrine, to make us suggestible and have the government adopt radical new policies. I'm not going to cover all the aspects of this, but if you compare the news coverage, such as the sheer fear-mongering of the Drudge Report, to what is known (see the IAEA's website, for example), you will find that the media's dire scenarios are not based on the known facts.

Another example is the supposed abusive treatment of Bradley Manning, our reaction to it, and the government's lack of response to our protests. We can expose his supposed cruel treatment and the motives behind it, and complain to our government until we're blue in the face, but still it supposedly continues. The only thing that can apparently change it is brute force, and considering that this would mean an invasion of Quantico, this is clearly impractical unless you're Obama. So, Bradley Manning's supposed torment will supposedly continue, and this torments us, and we're powerless to stop it. The oligarchy is trying to drive our free will, the basis of freedom, out of us. For all we know, Manning isn't being abused, but we certainly are.