Friday, March 18, 2011

Was Japanese nuclear disaster planned?

But those whose views are more sympathetic, including some ordinary Japanese, take the government at their word: No one could have adequately planned for the twin blows of a huge earthquake and a giant tsunami. The response may seem scattershot, they say, but that is a function of the unpredictable nature of nuclear reactors when disaster strikes.

On the contrary, I suspect that this crisis was planned long ago in order to provide the oligarchy with "undeniable evidence" that nuclear power is inherently dangerous. As French LaRouche associate Jacques Cheminade has pointed out, "what is happening in Japan today is because development of nuclear power was halted at the stage of Westinghouse-style fission reactors, and especially because of the systematic, intentional destruction of scientific thinking under the joint impulse of the City of London and Wall Street's monetarist Empire and the cultural pessimism spread by perverse ecologism." If you don't think they would deliberately create such a ticking time bomb, and then orchestrate such an inept response by the Japanese government, you don't know the Devil very well. Those reactors should have been replaced by modern, inherently safe designs long ago, particularly because of their location. Now, there doesn't seem to be any good solution, especially with the partially-spent fuel sitting out in the open. I'd like to know what went into that moronic design - let me guess: firing competent engineers and hiring an "expert" from London?