Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wildlife thrives in Chernobyl "hot zone"

After a quarter century, biologists call this zone "Europe’s largest wildlife refuge." With the presence of humans gone, the new colonists are thriving populations of gray wolves, brown bear, elk and wild boar.

In January, Ukraine opened the area to short, controlled visits by tourist buses.
As authorities in Japan may soon discover, big nuclear accidents have a defined beginning. It is unclear when they ever end.

This is just the media gloating over its power to manipulate us into a dark age on the basis of its virtual realities, but it's a little sloppy - note the reference to "THRIVING POPULATIONS of gray wolves, brown bear, elk...." Oops! How'd that bit of reality get in there? Aren't they supposed to be deformed, and glow in the dark? Perhaps they just wanted to drop a hint of their dark-age agenda, and thought that nobody would notice the incongruity with their anti-nuclear hysteria.

The final excerpt above means that the British empire of the mind is going to create an entire new division dedicated to spewing lies about Fukushima for the next century, or until civilization is ground into the dirt.

A word of advice to the Ministry of Truth: get your "truth" straight before feeding it to us.