Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bankers' dictatorship cracks the whip in Arizona

And here’s another example. Back in February, the Arizona State Senate passed a sweeping anti-foreclosure fraud bill, shepherded by Michele Reagan, a Republican who was sued by her mortgage servicer after trying to find out who owned her note. The main piece of the bill would have mandated a thorough chain of title to be presented at every foreclosure action in the state. And so naturally, the Arizona House of Representatives deep-sixed it.
What I heard Don say, however, made no sense to me whatsoever and it simply wasn’t sinking in for the first minute or two… Don said S.B. 1259 was gone, replaced by something having to do with firefighting… he said I needed to speak with Beth Findsen to get the details.

I heard that the Arizona legislature had a very short session - they evidently couldn't stand the smell of what they had done, which has got to be one of the slimiest things any US government has done in my memory. The original SB 1259 was sent down the Memory Hole, as if it never existed, and the article quoted above is the only one I could find on it.