Monday, April 4, 2011

Blessed are the peacemakers?

Despite clear evidence that his actions have led to multiple murders and widespread violence in the Middle East, controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones has vowed to step up his provocative campaign against Islam.

The radical pastor said that he was considering putting Islamic prophet Mohammed 'on trial' for his next 'day of judgement' publicity stunt.

As in the case of the Westboro Baptist Church coven, it's clear that Jones' intent is to accomplish precisely what he has (supposedly) caused, not to "expose" Islam. I'm sure that plenty of others have exposed the Koran's contradictions and unsavory passages, just as many have done with the Bible, so Jones' intent is clearly to desecrate the Koran and somehow get word back to his fellow Satanists posing as fundamentalist preachers in the "war on terror" zone, to provide them with the germ of some pretext for ordering attacks on people who had nothing to do with Jones' incendiary act. That's how the supposed adversaries in this "war" fight each other - by attacking people who had little if anything to do with the supposed reason they're attacking. So, obviously, the supposed reason for their attack is just a cover story for their war on civilization. (Actually, haven't Satanists running Gitmo desecrated the Koran enough to provoke Muslims for centuries? So, one reason for this complex of provocations seems to be to provoke Americans against Muslims for supposedly all being irrational fanatics.)

But this ACT, scripted by organized Satanism, exposes another one of Satanism's fictions. If there were actually any "Islamic terrorist sleeper cells" in the US, wouldn't this media-clown already have been killed by some "lone nut" Muslim who is willing to sacrifice his life for Islam?