Sunday, April 17, 2011

Clarification on "white wizardry"

In a previous post, I ridiculed the notion of "white wizardry," but in retrospect, I should have clarified the point. "Wizardry" is another term for black magic, which is the pursuit of occult powers for their own sake. However, such knowledge or powers pursued with this intent are available only through black magicians, who dispense them only on the condition that the initiate perform certain unspeakable deeds which generate a certain attitude within the initiate, and guarantee that they will be used in harmony with the Devil's agenda.

There IS such a thing as white MAGIC, which must be distinguished from white WIZARDRY, i.e. "white black magic," which obviously cannot exist. The white path is similar to sainthood, and white magic, as I understand it, is similar to miracles, and it is used only in harmony with the progressive hierarchy, and never for selfish or evil purposes. Precisely how it takes place is secret.