Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't confuse Lashandra Armstrong with Andrea Yates

(Reuters) - A mother and three children were found dead in a submerged minivan she intentionally drove into the Hudson River after a fourth child escaped and got help, officials said on Wednesday.

These murders were qualitatively different from those committed by Andrea Yates, whom I believe was possessed by a Spirit of Darkness when she killed her five kids. In this case, all the mother did was drive the car into the river, which is not quite the same a mother chasing her five kids around the house, dragging them to the bathroom, and drowning them one by one. So, it seems that she wouldn't be faced so starkly with the gravity of her act, and that psychosis could explain how she could have done it. The same goes to some extent for Susan Smith, although there was more of an element of cold-blooded calculation on her part. She also committed the murders in such a way that she wasn't faced with the gravity of her act. In my opinion, there is no way that Andrea Yates could have denied the gravity of her act, if she were in control of her body at the time. Besides, she claimed that she felt that someone else was in control, and I don't think she was lying. It just happens to fit Rudolf Steiner's description of how the Spirits of Darkness operate, and they had a clear motive in this case, considering that all of the children were named after Judeo-Christian Biblical heroes. It was a matter of Satan symbolically killing Judaism and Christianity, or Jahve and Christ.