Friday, April 8, 2011

Federal government shut-down: Birthday gift for Queen Elizabeth or wedding gift for Prince William? (revised)

WASHINGTON — The federal government began warning its scientists, park employees, tax collectors, environmental enforcers, and hundreds of thousands of other employees yesterday to prepare to be furloughed as negotiations among congressional leaders and President Obama continued to sputter, setting up a major disruption of government services at midnight tonight.

It's a taste of what the British have been working for since 1776. Note that PBS, and American "historians" in general, are still hiding the fact that the British oligarchy was behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. (In the original version of this post, I stated that someone was killed in place of John Wilkes Booth, and that Booth escaped to England. But it appears that I might have been wrong about this. I read this somewhere and it seemed plausible, but I didn't dig into any further. However, even if he was killed shortly after the assassination, there is still sufficient evidence to connect him to a top-secret British assassination plot.) The "civil" war was an attempt by the British to divide and conquer the US, and when Lincoln beat them, the British with the help of a few traitors in high places got revenge on him, just like they did with JFK for trying to stop their destruction of Vietnam, which was payback for Vietnam's defeat of the French division of the oligarchy.