Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fukushima: the new name of fake terrorism (rev a)

Rev A - added ref to 25th anniversary of Chernobyl (April 26th)

With the Empire of the Mind, it's always some big fake crisis to distract us from what what's really significant, to manipulate us, and probably a few other purposes. The Fukushima disaster, which was apparently deliberately created and then made worse by the "inept" response (note how the media's camera's just happened to be aimed at the reactor building when it blew, thanks to the hydrogen vented into its interior - who could have foreseen THAT?), has taken the place of the "war on terror" as the primary theme of the "Chinese water torture" being inflicted upon us by the media. Note how it just HAPPENED to escalate to a "Chernobyl-grade disaster" exactly one month after the earthquake/tsunami (and two weeks before the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster), probably because the shock/terror effect was wearing off. Then, the next day, the next bit of economic collapse was of course attributed to the news from Fukushima. ("Yeah, that's what we'll say - the 'bad news' from Fukushima spooked 'the markets.' So, that way, nuclear energy will have destroyed the economy!")

As "proof" of the "inherent danger" of nuclear power, the media has started trotting out its Greenie protesters, parading around with protective suits, partly to hide their identities so we don't realize they don't know anything about nuclear energy, demanding (in our name, of course) the end of nuclear energy, which of course would mean the end of civilization because we can't survive without it. No matter how many windmills are placed in front of the mouths of those bloviating puppets in the Capitol prattling on about budget cuts and bailouts, there still won't be sufficient, reliable energy to meet our needs. The only infrastructure they're building consists of concentration camps and crematoriums (perhaps explaining their preference for natural gas) - they must provide sufficient supply to meet the demands of the "free market" over there in London.