Friday, April 15, 2011

Lack of security on SIPRNet is another sign that there really are no independent terrorists

Army security is like a Band-Aid on a sunken [sic] chest wound.

So that trillion or so dollars, a couple of destroyed countries, and countless dead, maimed, tortured, and psychologically destroyed - it's all a joke to military intelligence, which is of course the likely locus of organized Satanism in the military, which knows that "Islamic terrorism" is essentially a general-purpose US/UK/Israeli intelligence operation, and that there's no need to keep secrets from them. Everywhere they can exercise control without accountability, inflict cruelty, and manipulate people with lies, there you will find organized Satanism. Instead of fixing security, they're apparently destroying another human (Bradley Manning), which is one of their favorite activities, for exposing this gaping hole in security. Naturally, Obama says nothing (except that we're going to kill the useless eaters to balance the budget, in his lofty-sounding code), because he's their puppet. That's right - his "death panels" are back, and there's nothing we can do about it as long as this British-animated Ghaddaver is in office.