Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Libyan auto-marketing gambit involves bombing children

In a previous post, I contend that the Libyan situation is being completely choreographed by Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand," the British Empire, partly to "explain" the jump in oil and gas prices (which LaRouche predicted long ago on the basis of Bernanke's money-pumping), which are intended to stampede Americans out of the gas guzzlers which they were sold in previous years, into this year's models. The Libyan dictator, Ghaddawful or Qadaver, or something like that, is obviously just another soulless imperial puppet whose script in this case calls for brutality which is totally unacceptabe by civilized standards, but whom for some reason has been able to hire his own henchmen, who oddly don't fear being hunted down and brought to justice even after Qadaver sells his quota of cars and retires to some haven for used-up British henchmen, a.k.a. Hell's waiting-room. There they find comfort with Nietzsche-Satan's fairy-tale, Thus Spake Zarathustra (not to be confused with the actual Zarathustra), and its sub-fairy-tale about "eternal recurrence." You just gotta BELIEVE!

The hounds of Hell (perhaps including some in NATO) have been unleashed on Libya to kill as many Libyans as possible, to demolish their bit of civilization to some extent, and to sell this year's models so that the "democratic" American dictator Obummer can campaign on his "economic recovery." After all, a healthy economy is based on baseless debt, right? So what we need is MORE baseless debt, such as bankers' gambling IOUs and enormous car loans (which at least have some link to physical production, albeit inefficiently utilized), and keeping the "economy" going becomes a matter of managing debt and its ratings, partly by killing the "useless eaters." Who needs reliable affordable clean (i.e. MODERN nuclear) energy, abundant inexpensive water, and truly efficient transport? Instead of using the American System of economics to organize the private sector to provide these economic basics, based on free and fair competition of ideas, and warfare-scale cooperation in the realm of production, Obummer, a malignant narcissist on steroids who likes to think of himself as a member of the royal court gathered around the British monarch (soon to be King William, apparently), is busily setting us uppity Americans up for a series of "unpredictable" catastrophes of all sorts, including economic and geophysical.