Friday, April 22, 2011

Mammon's "credit rating" agencies getting some attention from government officials

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece's prime minister has lashed out at credit ratings agencies, as borrowing rates in the crisis-hit country at record levels threaten plans to return to the bond markets next year.

George Papandreou in a written statement posted on a government website early Friday said the agencies, instead of elected governments, "are seeking to shape our destiny and determine the future of our children."
April 19 (LPAC)—S&P's attack on the credit rating of the U.S. government this week, downgrading the U.S. sovereign debt to negative and warning of a possible lowering of the country's AAA rating, comes just days after the U.S. Senate sent evidence of S&P's crimes against the U.S. economy and its citizens to the Justice Department for criminal investigation. Carl Levin, in the press conference on April 13 releasing the Senate Investigations Subcommittee report on the causes of the financial crisis, had this to say about S&P, as well as Moody's:

"The page then turns to credit rating agencies, Moody's and Standard and Poors, which were giving AAA ratings to high-risk securities, securities that were issued by firms that it was dependent upon— that they were dependent upon for their own business, which also was a clear conflict of interest. And when the securities collapsed in value, leaving pension funds and municipalities and other investors — they were all left high and dry. And so we also say in our report that inaccurate AAA credit ratings were a 'key cause of the financial crisis.'... But for their failures, their conflicts of interest, their caving in to the pressures from Wall Street banks to give AAA ratings to securities which didn't deserve them and they knew it, but for that, you wouldn't have had the collapse of those securities."

On a personal level, I know that "credit rating agencies" are just another one of organized Satanism's quasi-legal arrangements used to control our lives. The "errors" that constantly creep into "credit ratings" are deliberate, and the hoops through which they force you to jump are a form of abuse. Note that you can get a LOAN for a car with a terrible "credit rating," but you can't RENT an apartment, when what should matter is whether you can afford to rent a particular apartment, and how you treat apartments and neighbors. I've noticed that organized Satanism has largely taken over the management of apartments, and that they set certain people up to be deprived of sleep by their fellow Satanists, and ignore complaints about them slamming doors and pounding on walls at all hours, typically calling them "just the nicest person you could know." They've also set up their special "landlord tenant courts," which are blatantly stacked against the tenant. Such "judges" will pay a big price in the next world for abusing their power.

HUD apartments add "safety inspections" to the list of abuses; these inspections are just excuses to invade your privacy, inconvenience you, and play head-games with you. Even if a safety violation is found, nothing is done about it. The apartments should be inspected when they're empty, and the tenant should be trusted to report any damage that might constitute a safety hazard. Furthermore, such damage should be difficult to cause, by virtue of the design of the associated equipment. The logic behind this arrangement, and the excuses used for the various associated forms of abuse, are good examples of the banality of evil.