Sunday, April 3, 2011

More counterfeit paper from bankers

Image: Bad Bawney

(CBS News) "It was a common practice in the last few years to flood the courts with these documents," Lynn Szymoniak told Pelley.

A look at some of the junk the courts were flooded with shows that sometimes the document mill didn't even bother to fill in the names of the supposed owners.

To them, it seemed like a joke.

"Instead of the name of the bank here that was acquiring the loan, this one says, 'Bogus Assignee for intervening assignments.' That's who acquired the loan," Szymoniak pointed out.

"This was an actual document that was in litigation?" Pelley asked, looking at the document.

"Yes," she said. "And what corporation assigned this loan? A corporation identified as 'A Bad Bene.' Excuse me? When I saw that I was just absolutely amazed."

"What does that mean, 'A Bad Bene'?" Pelley asked.

Considering that Barney Frank, bankers' whore and traitor, is largely responsible for the foreclosure crisis, perhaps "Bad Bene" is a variation on Bad Bawney. Fortunately for him, all those "Islamic terrorists" running around the US after ten years of a "war on terror" have kept DC nice and secure so that traitors like him are well protected from all those whose lives they've destroyed. (Haven't heard about any terrists in the US lately? Well, I'm sure that some will surface when they're required for imposing another round of police-state measures.)