Sunday, April 3, 2011

Much of Japanese disaster could have been prevented

LaRouche PAC recently produced a video report on the work of Professor Francesco Biagi, who has been studying earthquake prediction for decades, and who has found that localized anomalies in certain low-frequency emissions of the Earth have been shown to precede earthquakes in that locale. He issued a credible warning, over a week in advance, that could have been used for preventing all of the loss of life and the nuclear disaster in the recent Japanese quake/tsunami. A quick check of the internet indicated that no other news agency has reported his research.

In conjunction with the fact that Professor Koji Minoura had reported, several years ago, the potential for massive tsunami in the area of Japan that was recently destroyed by one, and that his warnings were not heeded by anyone with the power to significantly alter the catastrophic outcome we have recently witnessed, strikes me as evidence that Japan, one of the world's most advanced economies, and the nuclear power industry in general, were set up for a fall. Furthermore, because no government is financing Prof. Biagi, I assume they hope for many such "unpredictable" catastrophes.