Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nietzsche had a ghost-writer (revised)

Now that I've concluded that Nietzsche's claim to fame is that that he was an on-again, off-again "channel" for one of Satan's Spirits of Darkness, and that "his" books were intended to provide the "philosophical" BS to be used for luring people unwittingly into Satanism (to complement Crowley's and others' "occult" BS used for the same purpose), I decided to look around for indications of who might be pushing his "philosophy." By referring to the External Links section of the Wikpedia page on Nietzsche, I quickly found that none other that the BBC has produced a couple of shows which "explain" his philosophy, along with those of a couple of apparent fellow BSers such as Heidegger (who decided to start out by examining the meaning of "being," without spirit, of course - what a joke), and Sartre. I didn't bother to watch much of them, but from the tone at the outset, it's hard to believe they're anything but glowing puff-pieces.

This doesn't prove anything, but in my opinion, it's a matter of Satan's British Empire of the Mind pushing Nietzsche in order to swell its ranks of slaves (who think they're masters), just as it pushed the Harry Potter fantasy of "good black magicians" for the same reason. It would be interesting to know how many Potter fans have "graduated" to Crowley.

Considering that a Spirit of Darkness dictated some of the works attributed to Nietzsche, it's likely that they were written to provide Spirits of Darkness in general with a "foot in the door" into people's minds, and since Rep. Giffords' would-be assassin Jared Loughner reportedly read Nietzsche, perhaps they were able to use him as a temporary puppet (for information on this form of possession, follow the Andrea Yates-related links found here) to once again announce Satan's presence and intentions. However, that's just a possibility, and obviously it's not going to be considered in a court. Because of his supposed schizophrenia, it would have been easier for them to infiltrate their impulses into his soul, but on the other hand, it's supposedly possible to explain that inhuman crime in terms of schizophrenia, although most schizoids aren't violent.