Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nietzsche, Loughner, and the Spirits of Darkness

(Note: Because Friedrich Nietzsche is such a key figure in the Age of Satan, a.k.a. The New Age [88], I created a "Nietzsche" category in hopes of drawing attention to this note. For my many references to Nietzsche throughout this blog, perform a search.)

I've tried to wade through Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil, in hopes of finding something in it that Jared Loughner, who reportedly read the book, would consider to be justification for his inhuman crime. I gave up on trying to sort out and systematize Nietzsche's disparate, rabid rants, which consist mainly of drive-by slime-jobs of various philosophers, and just about everyone else for that matter. (Considering the absurdity of his "eternal recurrence doctrine," I would say that those living in glass houses should not throw stones.) But it seems to me that Nietzsche's main "teachings" are a baseless, contemptuous attitude for pretty much everyone and every system of thought, and the attitude that the mark of a truly superior person is that they make up their own belief system to justify acting on their impulses. Perhaps this explains Loughner, but the possibility that this attitude opened him up to the Spirits of Darkness cannot be dismissed.

In the course of trying to get a grasp of the essence of "Nietzsche's thought," I read some of Rudolf Steiner's book on Nietzsche, i.e. Friedrich Nietzsche, Fighter for Freedom, and frankly, I was appalled at the favorable tone of the book, considering what Steiner later said about Nietzsche. I concluded that the book's favorable view of Nietzsche was due to Steiner's efforts to "get in good" with academia at a time when Nietzsche was popular, and as a means of showing gratitude for being given access to Nietzsche's library after he died, as well as for being able to "meet" with Nietzsche himself as he lay dying, in a vegetative state. (Steiner indicated that Nietzsche's higher soul was "hovering" near his body, so that Nietzsche's body was reduced to a mindless sensory apparatus, as if he were sleeping with his eyes open.)

So I then looked for anything that LaRouche or his wife might have written about Nietzsche, and I didn't find much or any analysis of his writings (perhaps because they too concluded that it would be a waste of time), although I did find some references to aspects of his life which are not mentioned anywhere else, which is one of LaRouche's methods for getting at the essence of a particular individual. For example, LaRouche is the only one who mentions Nietzsche's role as prophet of the New Age (i.e. the disinformation-initiative launched by the Spirits of Darkness to prevent us from properly assimilating the spiritual information which the Spirits of Light had decided we were ready to receive, just as the Kali Yuga was about to end), and Aleister Crowley's public praise for Nietzsche.

Then I remembered that I'd been over all of this before, in the course of putting "Jack the Ripper's" reign of terror in its historical setting. It turns out that the Ripper's rampage took place either just as Nietzsche was channeling The Anti-Christ from some Spirit of Darkness, or in its immediate aftermath. These events were connected by more than the fact that they occurred almost simultaneously.

Anyway, my view of Nietzsche (which is based on the writings of LaRouche and Steiner), contained in this introductory section on Jack the Ripper, in my humble opinion does more to explain Nietzsche than anything else I've read, or am likely to find. It indicates that he was an instrument of the Spirits of Darkness, whose battle in the spirit-world began just before Nietzsche's birth, and whose "fall to Earth" occurred at about the time when Nietzsche wrote some of his most significant works. Elsewhere, I indicate that he acted as "Satan's stenographer" for just the last few of his books, but it seems that this was actually the case to some extent for his entire life!

This would explain a lot, and I think it also helps to put the seething Jared Loughner into perspective as another likely tool of these puppeteers. Perhaps they got their "foot in the door" as a result of Loughner's attempt to read Beyond Good and Evil, which more than anything conveys an attitude of contempt for everyone and everything, and that "doing your own thing" without regard for the rules of society is the mark of a superior person. (This attitude just happens to be pretty much the same one taught by the outermost circles of Satanism in order to open its members' souls to an initial form of possession, although certain rules are imposed to keep this alliance of narcissists, psychopaths and pod-people hidden, which is the only way it can be properly described as "occult," in the same sense that any criminal conspiracy is "occult.") Perhaps the Spirits of Darkness saw Loughner as yet another means to announce their presence in the form of an inhuman deed, similar in effect to suicide bombings, which typically involve a lot of programming or coercion.

Perhaps, then, his crime wasn't part of a black operation, and the get-Palin response of Obama's "re-election committee" was just opportunism.