Saturday, April 23, 2011

Schwarzenegger's master-slave mentality exposed

"I feel good about the decision," he told Newsweek. —... I happen to know the kid really well. I don't apologize about it "... . There's criticism out there. I think it's just because of our working relationship and all that. It maybe was kind of saying, 'That's why he did it.' Well, hello! I mean, of course you help a friend."
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who ended his term as governor of California in January, may run for the presidency of the European Union, the Daily Mirror reported, citing an advisor to the Austrian-born former actor.

Reading between these carefully-chosen lines of the first excerpt (about one of his final acts while slithering out of office - reducing a friend's son's prison sentence from 16 to 7 years), this Son of a Nietzsche was saying that when the judge sentenced the failed would-be murderer, he didn't take his connection to him, Arnold the Great, into account, and that members of the Nietzschean master class are held to lower standards than the slave class.

In other accounts, Da Governator indicated that he was bored with reporters who were asking him to explain his decision. What else would you expect of someone who considers himself to be far above the human herd?

I hope he does become the head of the EU, so that it becomes a total joke. Perhaps it's just Rothschild's way of showing the world what the EU government really is.