Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A) Set up nuke power plant for disaster; B) shut down ALL nuclear power when hoped-for disaster strikes

VIENNA — The world cannot take a "business as usual" approach to nuclear power in the wake of the disaster in Japan, UN atomic watchdog chief Yukiya Amano said Monday.

I agree. From now on, they should stop ignoring credible warnings that earthquakes and tsunamis can have much worse impact on a particular nuclear power plant, and stop ignoring credible warnings of a quake a week or so in advance. For more on this, see my previous entry entitled "Much of Japanese disaster could have been prevented." They should also stop pretending that new nuclear power plants are no safer than the original ones.

But I have a feeling that what they really meant was that their crusade against modern nuclear power in the guise of scientific objectivity has entered a new, more virulent phase. Part of this plan includes clearing out the area around the stricken plant so that there will be no evidence that it's NOT a hazard, and so that nobody can see what's really going on there, so that we have to rely on "reports" from the various British imperial mouthpieces. They also apparently hope to hamper the recovery from the quake/tsunami with hysteria about radiation.