Monday, April 25, 2011

Trump's beginning to sound like the bankers' kind of puppet

Believe it or not, Donald Trump is sounding more and more like somebody who might actually run for president. As opposed to someone who is just talking up running for president as a means to boost ratings for “Celebrity Apprentice.”
Trump has a developing multipoint policy here. First, he says we should yell at OPEC, which (according to Trump) is laughing at us while they raise prices and push us to get tangled up in Libya.

“I’m all for attacking oil companies but why isn’t [Obama] attacking OPEC?” Trump said Monday. “Because OPEC, it all starts there.”

Second, we should drill. A lot.

Unfortunately for Trump's attempt to cover Bernanke's ass, supply isn't the problem, well, except for the over-abundant supply of dollars. The cause of the price rise is the declining value of the dollar (actually, Bernanke's money-pumping is going pretty much right into basic commodities of all sorts), and unless Trump comes up with some new, significantly and increasingly cheaper way to produce gas, it's not going to come down. It might come down as car-sales season winds down and election season winds up, but over the "long term" (as if there's a long term for the existing human race if things continue as they are), gas prices in terms of dollars, and most other currencies, are headed up. Don't expect Nerobama to give a crap whether it destroys the country and the rest of civilization - he just plays the part of the President on TV, and in real life, he's just a puppet of London. Trump's TV show has been preparing him for the same role.